Corliss Institute Group Review: A Residential Program for Those who Desire Independence

At a certain point in an individual's life, a person achieves a levelof competence and independence in social, financial or emotional terms. Most people settle down into a family life with the necessary employment connection and social network that allows for more growth in all aspects of one's lifestyle. There will always be limitations in a few or more of the roles we, as individuals are expected to take on. And there are those among us who may need caring attention in order for them to fully function in society.

Corliss group has taken great efforts in providing such services to these individuals with specialized needs. Hence, aside from providing training in day-centers in Warren, RI, it also has a Residential Program for those who wish to express their own independence. Corliss provides these individuals the support they need in the matter of "personal care, shopping, housekeeping, laundry, food preparation, socialization and money management." These individuals are "encouraged to live independently and maintain their own apartment" and to get involved in the community-at-large.

This is definitely a notch higher than those who require more supervision or care in accomplishing essential activities of daily living. These are people who not only have acquired the skills and the confidence to become income-earners but also have the abilities to express themselves in other fields such as the arts, music, sports and other meaningful activities.

The program provides three individuals the chance to share an apartment unit on a 24-hour basis, including all the support they need "to develop the skills needed to learn, live and work successfully in the community." And so, aside from the daily domestic chores and routines mentioned above, they are trained to incorporate themselves into their community as independent individuals through meaningful engagement.

Specifically, these individuals are given Case Management support in order for them to acquire housing assistance, food stamps, heating assistance and other essential domestic needs. Likewise, professional nursing care is provided for staff training and to help residents to maintain their health. All in all, Corliss group allows these participants the opportunity to be totally equipped as anybody else in the community through the special support it provides. Otherwise, they will remain unable to lead meaningful and independent lives. It takes awareness and compassion for people to realize that certain needs are not met by some individuals because of certain disabilities. Corliss, through its work and its website, fills up this gap in the minds and hearts of people. What it is doing is practically raising a big, extended family within a town and looking after its welfare on a daily basis – something that will daunt any ordinary parent from facing or even considering.

Yes, Corliss, Institute, Inc. has been doing for many years now and accomplishing so much good and providing excellent service to many. Not just in providing opportunities to live independently but also to acquire gainful employment through proper training. Corliss has an expanded Employment Program to provide members with "training in work habits, filling out applications, using public transportation, and the nuts and bolts of work habits." They are given training in "interpersonal relations on the job and how to handle changes in co-workers or supervisors." Promptness and wearing proper apparel are also inculcated among members.

Simple but essential skills that most of us take for granted. Corliss group has shown the way to opening the hearts and minds of many people to reach out to the disadvantaged members of society.

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