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At corn hub, we believe that nothing is better then  having a good old cob in ya' gob. Our skilled and experienced researchers are developing new techniques of cooking corn to the best it can be, so that everybody can enjoy the pleasures of the cob.

We have currently developed 5 new methods of cooking your corn, so that we can be sure that nobody will say no to the corn.

1)- Boiled Corn: We have found that just sticking ya cob into a pot of hot water is the best way to enjoy the juices and texture of corn at the same time

2)- For those who enjoy the kernel off the cob, and to enhance the caramelized flavor of corn, frying the kernels is a great way for enjoying corn.

3)- For those who want to enjoy corn in your spare time while watching a movie or torturing your victims, a popped kernel, has both texture and flavor with the caramelized insides.

4)- When you're in the outdoors, and you need something to fill you up without it tasting like dog turd, a BBQC (barbecue corn) offers both replenishment and satisfaction.

5)- Corn cooked by flamethrower: For a tasty cob that has been caramelized and toasted by military standard flamethrower, you can't go wrong as it delivers both warmth to your stomach juices and engulfs you in flavor.

We are proud to announce the support that we give to the corniest band around, Korn.

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