Cornelius Okumu

Statistics and Community Planning Experience

About Cornelius Okumu

Cornelius Okumu holds ambitious career interests in the fields of statistics and community planning. Recently, he designed a project that will analyze certain effects of anti-retroviral drugs on HIV patients. He also recently initiated a project to analyze several factors displayed by gifted children. Cornelius Okumu is skilled in statistical analysis software for analyzing and interpreting complex data, including medical data.

After graduating from Bellevue University with a bachelor of science in information systems, Cornelius Okumu subsequently enrolled at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he is currently completing a master’s degree in community and regional planning and a minor in statistics. His recent coursework includes statistical consulting, functional data analysis, and experimental designs. He is an active member of the Statistical Graduate Association.

Professionally, Cornelius Okumu currently serves as a planning intern with JEO Consulting Group in Lincoln, Nebraska. In this position, he is responsible for collecting and analyzing data for community planning projects. He previously worked as a merchant solutions professional at PayPal, Inc.

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