Coronado Island & Nearby Restaurants

Coronado Island is located in central San Diego Bay and is home to not only a small beach town, but also Naval Station North Island. Due to the influx of the armed forces and its proximity to San Diego, Coronado has several restaurants that are known for their food and environment. San Diego visitors and locals alike flock to Coronado to taste the delicious food that the island has to offer.

Pehoe Restaurant:

Pehoe is surrounded by water at one end of the island. This restaurant is famous for its cuisine of the Pacific Coast and its stunning views of the San Diego skyline. After entering from the front door, your hostess will guide you through a landscape of caves to get to your table. The restaurant has an interconnected seating area, allowing little privacy and unobstructed views of the bay no matter where you get to sit in the restaurant.

Pehoe Restaurants

In the warmer months, Pehoe offers guests the option to dine on the patio, which is right next to the water. If you happen to have your own boat and sailing hunger at bay, Pehoe offers its own dock where you can tie up your boat and get to enjoy a meal. But if you don't have a boat, there is no reason to be disheartened. You can still reach their by hiring a car on rent that is convenient and suits your pocket and enjoy their delicacies which include lobster ravioli, chicken Caribbean and a tray of shrimp trio.

IL Fornaio Restaurants and Bakeries:

IL Fornio Restaurants and Bakeries

IL Fornaio is an authentic up scale Italian restaurant located on the side of San Diego Bay on the island. This restaurant looks and feels like you have walked into the San Diego Air and in an Italian villa. It specializes in Italian cuisine in all of Italy with dishes like Tuscan Chicken, a roasted chicken seasoned Romero and Pennoni Alla vodka, a pasta with bacon vodka cream sauce. IL Fornaio complement your meal with a bottle of wine from smaller local wineries to allow customers to experience the best possible combination of flavor.

Hotel Del Coronado:

No trip to Coronado would be complete without a trip to the Hotel Del Coronado. This famous hotel is home to several renowned and award winning restaurants. One of the best restaurants is 1500 Ocean, which has been recognized by Wine Spectator magazine and Bonn Appetite to rave reviews. This restaurant serves the southern California coastal cuisine inspired by fiery sunsets and dark wood.

The living room, the Sunset Bar overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and offers visitors one of the most beautiful views of the city. Moving into the dining room, guests will find a plethora of menu options Maine diver fondue served with zucchini, baby harissa spiced pumpkin and eggplant in vinaigrette cherry tomato-clam or beef tenderloin kurobuta which comes with creamy polenta, and guanciale beans in a red wine juice, each complemented with a wine or a small local vineyard.

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