New World Exploration

By.  Fransisca Vaquera De Coronado

I Fransisca Vaquera de Coronado propose to you, Queen Joanna (better known as Joanna the mad) to fund my exploration to more land.  I want to call it "Coronado's New World" but we can modify that.   

(Yo Fransisca Vaquera de Coronado propongo , la reina Juana (más conocida como Juana la Loca ) para financiar mi exploración de más tierras . quiero llamarlo " Nuevo Mundo de Coronado " pero podemos modificar eso.)     -español


So I would like to propose to you my persuasive rap:

Yo yo yo!  Coronado’s my name and finding gold is my game.  I’ll bring some gold back for you and for Spain.  Coronado’s my name, you remember that, remember that, remember that.  Coronado OUT!

During my voyage to the new world I will keep a diary and I can  tell you about all of the things that I find and all of the things that I encounter.  If I happen to encounter any other humans on my voyage, then I will bribe them with gold.  The main resources that I would like to bring back to Spain are gold and a canteen full of the water from the fountain of youth.  I plan to land on the western side of the piece of land.  I expect to encounter jagged mountains and cliffs but I plan to land along the coast so there will be plenty of sharp seashells and rocks to make rock crampons out of.  I would like to leave within the next two years about 1515.  It has come to my attention that England and France are sending explorers.   Also everyone is looking for the same general things, gold and land so that they can dominate the world.  But always remember 'Super Spain!'  Spain will always dominate and we will always rock!

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