Corporate Social Responsibility Companies

How a telecom company can benefit from CSR?

Are you a telecom company?

Are you required to spend a part of your earnings on CSR?

Do you find CSR a simply waste of money or something that actually can benefit or is benefiting your business?

One of the reasons corporate social responsibility in India has been introduced is creating enough of skilled and employable workforce. All companies making profit have to make a compulsory earmarking of funds for the CSR initiatives (like employability linked programmes); industry just cannot go on ranting about the shortage of skilled manpower, and doing nothing. It has to do something; and through CSR, it can bring about a massive change.

Now that you are a telecom company, you require talented people to reach your customers and tell them about your newly launched products; you may also require people when your towers stop working properly; and you may also need skilled manpower for hundreds of other things. Now, you can create a pool of talented people (which you may use for your different operations) through your CSR initiatives. Isn’t it a great idea?

You may not have all the resources to hunt down people and train them for the skills required for carrying out different telecom jobs, but this should not put you off. You only need to do this: speak to a few learning and skill development companies and select one, which you feel better understands your business.

These learning and skill development companies know the inside out of the corporate social responsibility in India, and thus can guide you throughout the CSR strategy formulation, implementation, and execution phase. You just have to tell your CSR partner about your business goals, and it will form the CSR strategy in such a way that it becomes a part of your business imperatives. So, whatever you spend on CSR will benefit your business as well.

Think over it: CSR would feel like your own thing. Moreover, you will be creating a workforce that will have the exact skills that you want in your people. And all you have to do is engage with a learning and skill development company that understands corporate social responsibility in India from inside out.

It’s not difficult to get to know the top names in the training industry. Use Google to search for the top corporate social responsibility companies in India and you may come across quite a number of names, with their contact details (which you will find on their websites).

Corporate social responsibility in India is a concept that has been around for long. However, it’s only in the recent past that Corporate India has started taking CSR quite seriously. For more on CSR as well as corporate training in Mumbai, please read our other articles.

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