How a company can get the most out of its corporate social responsibility exercise?

Corporate social responsibility can be understood as the responsibility of the corporate world towards the societies, wherein they operate, grow, and make profits by leveraging on the resources that essentially belong to the societies at large. Whether it is an oil refinery or insurance company, or a telecommunications major, if they meet certain criteria, laid down by the authorities, they need to drive a certain amount of their earnings towards social good.

The real challenge for the corporates, however, lies in building a CSR strategy that can ensure the right implementation and execution of their CSR initiatives. Many a times, they lack the very resource or expertise needed for building an effective CSR strategy; and in the absence of a clearly laid-out plan, companies often end-up underutilizing their resources.

Smart companies choose to partner with the CSR experts, who are fully aware of the CSR rules and regulations, and guide corporates in their quest to derive maximum returns on their CSR investments. Let’s understand this with an example: suppose a refinery company wishes to educate the youth of its region in vocational skills under its CSR programme, but has not enough expertise to carry out the exercise; in this case the company can seek help from a reputed vocational skill development company. The hired training company will leverage on its local network to identify the eligible youth for the vocational education training programme and train them to be ready for different job roles in the refinery as well as other emerging and established sectors in the region. The refinery can educate the youth to take up job roles in its different processes so that it always has a ready pool of talent; else, it can choose to train the youth in skills that make them job ready for other industries such as automobile, textiles, and insurance.

By leveraging on the expertise and resources of the hired training partner, the refinery company in the example above saved itself a world of precious time and efforts, which it otherwise has to put into mobilizing its resources. Plus, the hired training company will ensure the right formation of CSR strategy, and its best implementation and execution, and thus bring out desired result for the company.

Companies need to be up on their toes while selecting their training partners. Inexperienced and unprofessional training partner can wreak havoc on a company’s CSR plans. Look up to Google for the best training companies that help companies in India with the corporate social responsibility’s implementation and execution.

Smart companies prefer top CSR training companies to carry out their corporate social responsibility commitments. The CSR partners leverage on their expertise and resources to build, implement, and execute the CSR initiatives of their clients in the most effective and efficient manner. For more on corporate social responsibilities companies in India or vocational education training programme, please read our other articles.

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