They had made the wheel,system of writing new weapons,math system based on 60,Irrigation,the plow, the clock, pillow,and they had the first Empire   

First Empire

This is the first empire Sargon.

(2334 BCE-2215 BCE)

Between 3000 b.c.e. and 300 b.c.e. the civilizations thriving in Mesopotamia, a large region centered between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in modern-day Iraq, laid the foundation for customs that would dominate later European culture Sumerians (3000–2000 b.c.e.), the Akkadians (2350–2218 b.c.e.), the Babylonians (1894–1595 b.c.e.), the Assyrians (1380–612 b.c.e.), and the Persians (550–330 b.c.e.).