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Xsport Marketing is the top notch extreme sports public relations and marketing firm based out of Camarillo, California. Their clients include, which is the highest traffic sport riding motorcycle website as rated by Custom Sportbike Concepts is the leading sport-bike designers in the country. This Florida-based shop has been featured on TV, magazines throughout the industry as a premier custom shop for sports bikes. TaylorMade Racing is a UK based race design specialist and has brought MotoGP styling to the US. Urban Industries Inc. is a premier manufacturer of billet components for sports bikes, choppers, cruisers, and automobiles. is in up-and-coming calendar production company currently working in the sports bike market. Get'em Boy LLC is an urban lifestyle apparel company that appeals to the extreme sports industry. Ruff Ryders Lifestyles is a division of Ruff Ryders Entertainment. Other notable clients are Built for Speed, 2 Wheel Tuner Magazine,, XSportModels and NCD Customs.

All of their clients are extremely satisfied with the top notch services offered by offers a variety of services such as image branding photography, traditional marketing, public relations, web design, web marketing and photo studio rental.

Cory Brandon Soper is currently the CEO of He leads the way for an Extreme sports public relations marketing firm. Cory has also built several custom sports bikes and developed new parts and accessories for automobiles and motorcycles. Cory is a producer and event expert of extreme motor sports events that can be seen locally and regionally.

MCSE Certification Overview

If you're naturally a problem-solving maybe you just unique. If you find yourself constantly at the aid of others to resolve issues and help them get educated on technology, then you may be a strong candidate for Microsoft certified trainer certification. The MCT is a professional trainer that Microsoft certified as a legitimate professional with this skill set and ability to communicate technology.

Of course before you can become a Microsoft certified trainer, you must be able to get certified by Microsoft in a specific area such as MCSE, MCSA, or MCA certification and training. Movies are more prerequisites than required skills. A critical required skill is communication and relationships. You must be able to relate to regular everyday people. Unfortunately even the most advanced technical people don't have the skill. And MCT candidate must prove that they have presentation skills and can build rapport much like a salesman, consultant or customer service rep.

Of course, to remain as an MCT you must maintain high scoring from your students. It is a requirement to distribute surveys to your students and get feedback and high ratings. Clearly this means you must be the type of person who understands how to teach. Expensive as it only cost about $400, but there are also some ways to get additional discounts once you have accomplished all of the prerequisites.

Cory Brandon Soper is a certified MCT, which stands for Microsoft Certified Trainer. He believes that MCT benefits begin with the level of respect that comes with the designation. For Cory, there are several resources to stay current with Microsoft technologies.

Cory Brandon Soper

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certification fuels career opportunities and enable six-figure salaries. This certification grants you the opportunity to drive and enjoy the benefits and rewards of a professional IT career. The MCSE certification can help you power up to the next level for future IT career roles.

You will need to complete several certification overviews and pass the specific test to become MCSE certified that fall within the Microsoft family of products. Those products and technologies fall under server infrastructure, Desktop infrastructure, private cloud, enterprise devices, and applications. MCSE requires you pass a specific test on data platforms, communication, messaging, business intelligence and share point. Certification expires after every three years so recertifying is necessary and helpful to stay ahead of trends and new technologies

You may not have considered the unique advantages and benefits offered through MCSE certification that can help boost your career. The goal, of course, is to get hired in an exciting IT role. However, a fun fact is that five times as many high salary positions will require experience with the office than all non-Microsoft software skills combined. Due to the recent growth and advancements in technology you should always be looking for and an extra advantage to get ahead with an MCSE certification. MCSE is a great starting point and launch-pad for a career in IT. Certification is not always a requirement, but it can help you open doors and conversations when interviewing.

Cory Brandon Soper is a well-respected IT professional that is simplifying IT solutions for everyday businesses and offering affordability for today's economy.

Cory Brandon Soper

Customers Getting Quality with AuthorITy.

Giving clients the best possible service is a must when they rely on your professional skills to carry on their business. The best case scenario when you are at the helm of an operation that provide services to many clients, is one where your service speaks for itself. Putting forth the best quality effort ensures that a client in the IT industry can always have a resolution for situations whenever needed. Many businesses in need of services find themselves becoming overwhelmed in various matters involving their technology departments. The best possible resolution is to put together a well-organized group of technical specialists that can ensure support. Having experienced technicians in an organized group is a factor that can ensure help will always be available.

Bringing tech savvy assistance to the table is a firm called AuthorITy Computer Network Associates. They offer ways to bring much-needed critical support to various types of work environments. They have three locations, including locations in Camarillo, Oxnard and Westlake Village in Southern California. The firm brings focused and logical decision-making to their clients, assisting companies that may seem to feel a need for secure technical advice. The approach AuthorITy Computer Network Consultants takes is to bring a more state-of-the-art schematic for the information technology departments they service. Cory Brandon Soper brings an intense protocol to carry out the duties of his company. Their track record with clients is impeccable and solid. AuthorITy brings honest service for your money, and appreciates the opportunity to provide quality service to every client they work with.

Cal State University Northridge IT Degrees and the Success They Bring

The programs available at California State University Northridge provide opportunities for people to get involved in various programs that can lead to the development of a successful career. Originally name San Fernando Valley State College, which opened in 1958, the establishment would rename itself California State University, Northridge in 1972. There were many changes that the school would go through over the next decade, such as upgrading the campus shortly after the earthquake in 1994. The campus would go through various repairs, and it would obtain the major upgrades needed to accommodate over 40,000 enrolled students.

It hosts a state-of-the-art computer science program that has helped thousands of students reach their maximum potential in the workplace. The program is located at the Jacaranda Hall on the campus. The computer information technology program offers a B.S. degree, which helps students grasp the knowledge to solve the high demand for quality information technology support for their future profession. The education received through the program gives the knowledge of how to understand IT and take the responsibilities of structuring the hardware and software to meet the needs of their future clients. The program gives them an opportunity to understand all the necessities of the management and for information technology. There will be an expectation for graduates of the computer science program to adapt to the various types of professional atmospheres they may counter after the graduate. This may very into different industries at various levels. Cory Brandon Soper attended the program in California State University Northridge and graduated in 1991. He currently holds a Business Administration and Marketing Degree in computer science.

Cory Brandon Soper

The Importance of Public Relations for Your Business

There is some confusion in the business world when it comes to understanding the role of public relations in companies. Many companies have the tendency to compare public relations with advertising, which results in PR being one of the least understood marketing tools. This misunderstanding may also be why many believe that the field of public relations is equivalent to free advertising. However, this can’t be farther from the truth, as PR is neither advertising or free.

For public relations to be effective, companies must invest in the process. Running a successful PR campaign is labor intensive and time consuming. Unlike advertising, PR doesn’t provide any control over who receives the message and how it is perceived. The basis of public relations uses intermediaries to communicate and try to influence your audience.

A successful public relations campaign helps to boost a company’s credibility, as the audience is receiving the message through trusted intermediaries. By aligning your message with that of your intermediaries, it becomes easier for them to reiterate your message to the audience, and having them comprehend the message. Keeping up the ongoing relationships with the intermediaries is important. Understanding what they need and keeping the lines of communication open is just as important as the message they are providing their audience.

Cory Brandon Soper, CEO of, an extreme sports PR firm in Southern California, knowing which channels to disseminate information to is an important part of their PR services. Cory’s extensive knowledge of the extreme sports industry helps him and his team provide the best possible service to their clients.

Cory Brandon Soper

Finding IT Consulting Success

The information technology industry has seen an increasing demand for IT consultants. With more and more companies choosing to outsource their IT work, IT professionals are turning to the path of independent consulting. While IT consulting can be empowering and provide you with a sense of fulfilment, it can also be fraught with unexpected detours, unclear goals, and the occasional dumping of your project, and not every IT professional who starts on this path will find success.

There is no script one can follow when becoming an independent IT consultant. There are however some important things to remember that can help you find success on your journey to becoming a professional IT consultant. If you are considering breaking out on your own or are looking to take your already established IT consulting business to the next level, here are several rules to keep in mind as you build your business.

  • Your client is the hero of the journey. It is your job to provide them with a solution that ensures they will succeed after you’ve left.
  • Actively listen so you understand the project, players, and environment and be discerning regarding the information you absorb.
  • Don’t shoot down their idea on technicalities right off the bat. You are there to understand where they are trying to get and find the best way to reach those goals.
  • Don’t be tempted to suggest the latest and greatest technology just because it’s new. Rather advocate for tools based on their ability to get the job done, and done right.
  • Use your communication skills to keep the connection with the client strong.

Cory Brandon Soper is one of the many IT professionals that went out on his own and found success. The owner of two IT consulting firms in Southern California, Cory is excited to be expanding his services nationwide.

Cory Brandon Soper

Resistance training is often the form of training many people go for when aiming to grow/change their muscular structure – and for good reasons. The strain exerted on the muscles during your weight-training session enables you to increase muscle tone and strengthen the bones. Resistance training also increases the strength threshold required for daily activities, and often individuals report improved mental health, energy and better sleep.

However, positive strength training results can only be achieved if the individual adheres to safety during their workouts. It’s the first thing many fitness coaches will emphasize. As you begin training with weights, it’s important to keep in mind the following:

Warm up

Warm up the muscles before you engage in any strenuous exercise. At least ten minutes of light warm-up should get the muscles prepared for the workout ahead.

Proper form

Always focus on maintaining proper form when lifting weights. It pays to learn the proper techniques of lifting and lowering weights. Poor form can cause injuries, not to mention slow down your progress. Never sacrifice form. Start with small weights and focus on getting comfortable with the lifts and posture required for each routine.

Always breathe

It is common to find individuals holding their breath as they lift weights. Holding your breath will not do you a lot of good. Your muscles need the oxygen to work efficiently. Rather than hold it, breathe in deeply as much as you can.

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Exercise Tip - Safer Weight Training

Cory Brandon Soper

Extreme Sports Tips - Skiing

If you are just getting interested in skiing, you’ve probably seen experienced skiers ride down the slopes; those who often make it look easy. For you to get to such a level of comfort, you will most likely need to work on your skills. For many beginners, learning how to ski can take time, and bruises, to accomplish. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. You just need to know what to do.
When ski season rolls around, here are some tips to make sure you have a fun time.

Take lessons from professionals
It’s the oldest piece of advice in the book, and for good reason. Many beginners tend to take lessons from loved ones, which is good if you want to show how much your trust your partner. But partners aren’t often as patient as professionals, and you are better off having a pro go over the basics with than a frustrated boyfriend or girlfriend.

Don’t look down at the skis
It's one of the hardest things to avoid. You have two pieces of metal attached to your feet, and you're worried about falling off. Well, this is often what leads to falling. When you keep looking at the ski, you're not watching the path ahead. As hard as it may be, keep your eyes ahead so you can see the terrain.

Get in shape
A common beginner’s maneuver – the snowplow – is not a tough one, but when practiced repetitively, it is demanding. The only way to ensure that you master it (and enjoy learning how to ski) is to get in shape. You don't need a gym membership to do this. Take the stairs, walk to the grocery store, cycle to work – these are simple activities you can perform weeks before the ski trip.

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Cory Brandon Soper