..       Wonder Project by Cory    ..
       ~       Jack Character Analysis    ~                      ``                                               ``                           /                                                  /                            ``                                                 ``                           -                                                    -                ---------------------------------------------------

                    characters tie to theme

My character tied to the theme of responibility.He learned this because he had to keep care of august.One example is that he had to take care of august during school.Another time was when the older kids attacked him.He leared that responcibility was a good thing because if you learn this  early later you might find that you become a better person will come and that it doesn't come easily.                                                                                    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                    Character Influnence

I think August made the biggest influnece on Jack. I also think Jack made the biggest influnce on august because at first he was first but then he chose him to be his freind.Why I think this is a big relashinship  is because Jack could be popular but insted chose August.                                                                                                                        ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Art  Representation

This statue is called atlas.This a sculpure in central Rockefeller NYC.Why I picked this sculpure was because in the book Jack had to help August through the school the sculpure is supposed to be atlas holding the Earth.One time in the book Jack had to help August when Julian was beeting up on August.                                                                               -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------