Cost Segregation for Dentist  Offices

The Time is Now!!!

Cost Segregation Delivers Results...

Cost Segregation is quite simply the identification of assets that meet IRS guidelines for accelerated depreciation in your dentist office. Most dentists' offices have at least 35% of the interior build-out that qualifies for 5-year depreciation. Take a look at your depreciation schedule; what does it show...39.5 years? 31 years? 15 years?

What we do is simple, though the process of cost segregation is highly technical requiring architectural and engineering training, it delivers results for many different types of commercial property owners. From Dentist & Orthodontists to Self storage facilities and Restaurants. Cost Segregation accelerates depreciation, reduces your income tax burden, increases cash flow, reduces real estate taxes, property insurance premiums and most importantly it puts you in IRS tax compliance.

Why even hesitate, if your not using Cost Segregation tax strategies then you are over paying your taxes and the IRS will have you on their list for potential audit every year - WHO wants to be on that list?? The estimate is free takes 20 minutes or less out of your day and potentially will put $10,000 + back in your pocket. Click the button below to get started...

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