3 Great Advantages That Make Cotton Clothes Better In Summer than Any Other Fabric

No other fabric in the world is used more than cotton for the obvious advantages it has over others, but how obvious are these advantages, can you tell me 3 things that make cotton so popular? Here are some that make cotton the first choice of buyers at any shop/mall.

  • Nothing Breathes Better Than Cotton

Cotton is soft and hypo-allergic, therefore it’s less likely to irritate the skin, and makes it a good choice for those with sensitive skin. This is why it is suggested that babies and young children be dressed in cotton. Cotton can absorb up to 1/5th of its weight in water before feeling damp. So when its summer and you are sweating profusely its cotton that you wish for on your body! Not just you, people all over the globe prefer cotton and every summer Cotton yarn buyers in India are busy buying more cotton so that you can stay cool in your favorite garment.

  • No Itching Even In Sweltering Summers

Cotton yarn keeps your skin dry. Human sweat consists of salts which when gathers on the skin causes irritation. When you are in the middle of Indian summers, commuting or sitting at your desk at work, every drop of perspiration makes you uncomfortable and despite your best efforts you will end up scratching and itching! Cotton wear lets you keep your dignity and you will stay comfortable even when the mercury shoots through the roof!

  • Very Durable

Cotton becomes 30% more strong when it’s wet. Durability is never a concern with cotton. Simple wear and tear does not compromise the quality of cotton, making it perfect for daily wear. With the right care, you can keep wearing your favorite cotton shirt to work for several months on end. A good cotton wear is undoubtedly a very smart investment, one that provides you affordable fashion not to mention the comfort that comes with it.

Author Bio: Cotton yarn buyers in India have a busy time meeting demands for cotton clothes in summer. Cotton is popular for reasons more than one, perhaps you know more of cotton’s awesome properties, read this, and leave a comment.