Elliott and Associates: Counselling for all Family Members
Jacob Elliott And Associates Inc Quality Therapy Center Tokyo, Usa, Paris, Hong Kong

Elliott Associates has provided counselling for children, teens, young adults and adults for many years. It has built the reputation as one of the leading sources of specialized treatment in the following emotional and behavioral issues:

  • Marriage/Couples Counselling
  • Therapy for Depression, Anxiety and Panic
  • Parenting Support
  • Child Therapy
  • Family Counselling
  • Stress Management
  • Biofeedback
  • Work and Career issues
  • Grief Counselling
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Addiction & Recovery
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Adjustment Difficulties and Behavioral Problems in children, adolescents and teenagers
  • EEG Neurotherapy as an alternative to medication for the treatment of attention deficit
  • Geriatric Issues and Dementia
  • The increase in personal and family problems brought about by many adverse factors in the modern environment has required professional expertise to address the individual's need for personal growth. Elliot and Associates does this in a conducive and supportive atmosphere utilizing methods designed according to the particular needs of its clients.

    From child therapy to stress management to grief counselling, Elliott and Associates provides individualized solutions and support for families and individuals encountering emotional and behavioural challenges that limit their effectiveness to relate and function within their social circles. No matter what the age is or what the emotional issues are, Elliot's and Associates has the professional expertise to guide the individual, using proven and effective methods to help people recover from any psychological obstacle and allow them to adjust and attain their maximum level of competence and personal satisfaction.

    Dr. Jacob Elliott, Ph.D. and Licensed Clinical Psychologist and co-founder of Elliott & Associates, Inc. specializes in individual, couples, family therapy, group therapy, psychological testing, biofeedback and EEG neurotherapy. He treats adults with various emotional and relationship issues. He uses a special method to resolve relationship issues, helping individuals to discover understand unconscious "scripts" that are usually played out in intimate relationships. By drawing out these unrecognized "personal stories" into the individual's awareness, their effects on the person and the relationship can be seen and altered to improve the individual's emotional health and behavior as well as enhance relationships.

    The list above covers the many methods Elliot and Associates applies to provide an encompassing source of assistance to various emotional issues people encounter in life and which they have lived with and yet have not found a way of eliminating or overcoming. A lot ofindividuals develop a natural affinity to their own experiences andeducation, be formal or not, and just presume that what they are and what they know are sufficient to allow them to cope with the diverse challenges in life. Every now and then, new issues arise which we are not ready to face or deal with. We have to admit that certain problems require a little or even a lot of help from professionals who have spent years dealing with the same or similar problems others have encountered.

    The importance of clinical knowhow and experience in dealing with common recurring emotional issues cannot be overemphasized. Elliott and Associates possesses the track record to assist its clients face their problems squarely and to find solutions that will suit their specific situations in life. No person is alike; neither is any problem in relation to other problems. The effects or consequences of individual inability to cope with personal issues may differ; but there are great similarities and general standards are then applied to seek out the unique issues that may make every person and every case different from others.

    The challenge of facing life and its obstacles remains as long as humans continue to resist seeking out their highest potential as individuals gifted with many various skills and abilities, mainly mental and emotional. The professional counsellor knows how to draw out the best in each person in a way that will help the individual start to become aware of his or her real issues and the facilities available to live a full and fruitful life.

    Elliot and Associates has done a successful job of helping many clients recover from such issues. It is the family's partner in mapping out a truly meaningful and lasting family experience.

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