Courtney Keller

Mesopotamia (The land between rivers)

Mesopotamia was a very advance society for its time. They invented the first writing system called Cuneiform. They had symbols that meant all sorts of words. They had clay tablets they wrote on, and the people who know who to write were called scribes.  They use writing for many things it is just one thing that made them an advance society.  


They also invented the wheel that was first used as a pottery wheel  to make bowls,and other things with clay. With the wheel they also made wagons,and carts. It was a very good invention too ,and I don't know what life would be like to day with out the wheel? We would not even have cars.

They also made water ways,and had sewer systems. They had canals that they build so they could protect house from flooding also so they could bring water to there fields. This invention helped bring more food so other people could do other jobs. They also used it to bring boats inside the city so they were safe.

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