Courtney Leddell

Vice President at Consulting Anesthesiology

About Courtney Leddell

Dr. Courtney Leddell’s career path has been dominated by an interest in assisting people to safely navigate some of life’s most challenging situations. Dr. Leddell fulfills this interest in his work as a Board-certified Anesthesiologist and a medical programming innovator. After he earned his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Illinois, he joined the residency program in Anesthesiology at the University of Iowa College of Medicine. It was while in Iowa that Dr. Courtney Leddell honed his skills as an anesthesiologist.

It was also during this period that Dr. Leddell began his foray into the use of new techniques and technologies to provide the patient significant pain management without the use of narcotics. He assisted in the implantation of a spinal block to test the effectiveness of electrical stimuli to control the patient’s sensitivity to pain during and after surgery. Dr. Leddell was one of the authors on the published paper describing the procedure.

Concurrent with his medical school training, Dr. Courtney Leddell co-founded the Golden Horseshoe Security Enterprise. The company, under Dr. Leddell’s guidance, works to provide clients with research and preparedness strategies to detect and handle potential sources of workplace violence.

After working in a hospital environment, Dr. Courtney Leddell ventured into the field of medically related technology combining his expertise in healthcare with his love of high tech equipment. He co-founded Glockner Group LLC and has two patents pending for innovations he made with the company. Dr. Leddell is Vice President for Consulting Anesthesiology, which is beta-testing tablet software that records details on the administration of and response to the sedative Propofol.

Outside of his work as medical software and product designer, Dr. Courtney Leddell supports people by contributing to a number of charitable organizations including the Susan G. Komen Cancer Society and the Baby Fold, an institute dedicated to supporting children who no longer have biological parents or guardians.

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