Genghis Kahn

A positive leader...

The reign of Genghis Kahn was a positive one. He introduced many positive innovations into the empire. Including, “the adoption of a writing system, conducted a regular census, granted diplomatic immunity to foreign ambassadors and allowed freedom of religion well before that idea caught on elsewhere.” Genghis Kahn allowed people to have their own freedoms(religions). He also ruled over one million people so his reign impacted lots of people. Kahn also introduced communication between Eastern and Western Europe. Genghis Kahn's legacy lives on through today. " 'He is like God to us.' said Bat-Erdene Batbayar...'He is the founder of our state, the root of our history.' "  The criteria used to decide if he is a positive or a negative leader include the legacy he left, and the foreign policy of his rule. The legacy he left was "like a god" he was seen as the father of the state and history.  His foreign interaction was by mail and he also allowed the areas he conquered to continue to practice there own religions. These reasons make him a good leader.

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