Should covenant marriage be used to prevent divorce?

By Cristian Alaniz


In the 1960's divorce, single-mother households, and poverty in single-mother household rates began to sharply rise. In the past century Louisiana, Arizona, and Arkansas have past covenant marriage laws.   It has three rules or features.

1. Couples have to take premarital counseling and classes to learn the serious commitment a marriage is.

2. Issues and problems in a marriage must be resolved by law.

3. There no no-fualt divorces and the conditions for divorce is hardened. A spouse have to commit adultery, abuse, or the couple has been separated for a long period of time.

Controversal Issue

The argument of this issue should these laws be past in other states as a legal way of preventing divorce.

My position

I feel that the covenant marriage laws should not be past.  

Arguments For

Laws such has who, by law, could marry may be challenged if this law goes through.

Premarital counseling, the first step of a covenant marriage has proven to prevent couples from seperating.

Also premarital counseling prevents marriages that are destined to fail.

Couples are more commited because of the rules they are under and because of their faith.

It models the marriage that God intended marriage to be.

Less custody battles may happen if couples stay together.

Arguments Against

Challenging this law may open the doors to challenge other marital laws.

This law has no research that proves that covenant laws are effective.

Premarital couseling may prevent marriages from happening.

These laws may encourage single mothers to stay in abusive relationships.

Long court cases may result if one spouse wants a divorce and the other does not.

This law is based on religion which should be separated from state laws.

Covenant marriages might replace traditional marriages.

It is not popular and churches are not supportive of promoting covenant marriage.

This law may cause inequalities in the marriage based on religion.

What it means for the future

If this law is past it may or may not prevent future divorces and avoid long custody battles.

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