Constitution of Kesia


The name of this country will be Kesia.



The purpose of this country is to provide equality to all the people and to live in our little paradise.

Kesia was created to provide people with a better life and to see what it is like to live perfectly. Our goals for this country is to do the best taking in concern the peoples needs and to live in unity as one.


Requirements for living in this country include: being a pure blood family. We want our country to be pure and as perfect as possible so that our families live happily.

Expectations for our citizens include; getting an education (all the way to college), have children, have at least one male family member serve their country,and to follow the laws in the country,and have a job.

The government require the citizens to praise Ahool and to live by the laws in order to maintain our country the best possible for the citizens.


A dictator is going to be in charge of the country.The type of government in this country is communist. The leader is elected by heredity.


The government promises the citizens to provide them with equal rights and same amount of wage per month to everyone who respects the law. The responsibilities of the citizens should be to have a job once they’re of age and to protect themselves and others.



Must respect the leader and Ahool.

No protests against the government.

Praise Ahool

No violence

No one allowed outside by Eleven P.M.

Permission is needed to leave the country.

Obey the leader

Help spread the rule of Ahool to the rest of the country

Report any circumstances in which Ahool is disrespected

Any citizen that speaks ill or bad mouths our leader will be punished


The level of education is average, it is controlled so the population doesn’t try to rebel against my rule. No, after a few years they will have to pay for their education. After the regular education is conceived, the population will have to pay for further education. The population would have to take a test and if passed, they would enter but would still have to pay for the education. For the people who reject the opportunity, they will be sent to work in mines and forced to work long shifts.

A raffle would be held after every year, giving a special few people a free scholarship throughout their whole lives.


A moon, because of our god and savior Ahool, the man bat. Our god and how we are grateful towards him.


The figure of our country would be Ahool, a creature whom is a giant bat humanoid, therefore the design in our flag (the moon).

Meaning of flag

Moon- Our praise for our savior Ahool

White- The innocence of our rule over the people, we have no negative intentions against them

Blue-The trust our people have towards us, they know every action we take and they have a say in this

Black- We keep our country in the dark, away from the wrath and abuse of other countries.

Characteristics and Abilities:

Ahool has the power to heal wounded animals and humans by placing his 1.20 meter wing over the creature or human and sending warm healing power into their body. It also has the power to read minds and fly at super speeds. Ahool is so awesome because he half man and half bat.

The Story of Our Savior:

Ahool was an ordinary man. In the year of 2025 a man by the name of Andrew Hollar (Ahool)was working on his scientific discovery on bats DNA. His fellow friend Wilson Haynes was also a scientist and a famous one too. During their two year bat hunt they gathered tons of bats for their experiment. They once had found a bat years before with completely different DNA and they were determined to find another one like that. They lived three and a half years in a cave full of bats. The plan was to look at the DNA of every single bat they could get and compare it to that of the different bat or B.A.T.01 Hollar and Haynes were so close to finding a similar bat. One night they were up late looking at a bats DNA that was a little different from the others. They were trying to find a connection from B.A.T.01 to the bat they had found. They had a big container that contained the blood of the bats they had studied that was supposed to be disposed of but had been procrastinated and just stayed there. Hollar was lying around in the middle of the night when he got an unquenchable thirst, and drank any liquid in his sight, by doing so he accidently drank the blood they had gathered from all their years of research.He realized after that it was the blood but didn’t think much of it. Throughout the night Hollar felt uncomfortable he didn’t know what was wrong and tried to sleep it off. Something weird happened during his sleep. The DNA of the bats mixed with his when the chemicals and blood he drank got into his bloodstream. He woke up with a terrible fever and could find no explanation for it. Haynes tried to help his partner as much as he could. Hollard told Haynes it happened after he drank the blood. Haynes quickly took a blood sample of Hollars blood and examined it. He saw what had happened and couldn’t believe it. He told Hollar that he would change and that it would be painful he was very fond of his partner. After a year Haynes wanted to create his own paradise for people and when confronted on what their god would be he decided it would be his dear bat friend Hollar.

Ministry of love

In our little paradise we don’t have any problems with the people in our country, everything in our island is calm and peaceful, and the way we deal with the different ways of thinking in our country IF any, would be a psychological test, to see what they may see different from anything we see (54) and from there we can fix them and make them see things the way we see things in our ministry of love, this is where the magic happens.(79) Our ministry of love is a wonderful place which everyone should be welcome in, every citizen is welcome in our ministry of love especially those who misbehave. Those who do misbehave have a choice to either turn themselves in or to hide and wait until we find them, in which case they will not have a pleasant time in our ministry of love. (142) People who leave after the process in which they go through in the ministry of love say they come out like a whole new person, they feel rejuvenated. That’s what we’re looking to do here in the ministry of love, make people feel new as if they were another person.(192) Visitors are welcome to try our ministry of love if they truly have a desire, after they go in, they’re never going to want to leave our paradise, they would fall in love. They can apply for a job and a house in our city if they would like, they would need to pass the test for a chance at having the luxuries of our island. They would need to pay a monthly fee since they’re not pure blood, and they would have to go through the ministry of love in order to be accepted into our paradise. They would have different ideas from the ones we have in our island and we would need to take care of that so they don’t cause something major in our island of paradise.


Ohh Our Beautiful and Perfect Country,

Ohh Kesia Our Land Our Home

Ohh Our Beautiful and Perfect Ahool

Through our ways we praise the day that our perfect country was made

We are as free as free could be!

And Every Day We prove our loyalty!

Ohh Kesia Our Land Our Home

Ohh Our Beautiful and Perfect Ahool!

We fight for our country

And We Fight For The Safety Of Our People

Ohh Kesia Our Land Our Home

Ohh Our Beautiful and Perfect Ahool

We will live and die with our country.

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