Confucius was one of China's first great teachers and a political philosopher. He thought that he should emphasize on rational practicality and common sense. He said that people should become educated, not to get a job, but to become better people. His principle was based on loving others while doing self discipline.

Confucius believed that elder or someone over you would watch over teach them what is right or wrong. You would respect them and do what they teach you. The main objective of being an educator was to teach people to live with integrity. He believed that what you don't wish for yourself, don't do to others.

Confucius believed that Tai Chi is the energy of Yin and Yang. In his philosophy the system of Yin and Yang was created as a way of explaining the universe. The Yin and Yang are the negative and positive principles to Confucianism. Yin and Yang can be used to describe two opposite things or two opposite aspects contained within one thing.

Confucius believed that these were the relationships between people. He believed that it should be older people over younger people or men over women. According to him everyone has a specific place in the society and certain duties to do.  Confucius thought that if people knew what was expected of them they would behave properly.

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