The major central defender played together in Fifa Coins

Robinho left lateral dribbling after the cross, shot William restricted Youlei 12 meters was saved. Kudiniao corner, Miranda shot missed 15 meters after stopping the chest area. The first 45 minutes, uprooting Phil Mino Vargas received a yellow card in Fifa Coins for Sale. First half injury time, Cejas received a yellow card. Brazil 1-0 halftime lead over Venezuela.

The next half Easy side battles, the 1st 49 minutes, William on the right corner, Tiago - Silva vigorously header from your center at 14 meters, Baroja saved the ball. The initial 52 minutes the Brazilian team to create on fastrsandcheapfifa, Felipe ball after William left to force a breakthrough cross, Phil Mino near to outflank break, Brazil 2-0! The very first 67 minutes, Brazil even for two people, Louise and Tardelli played, replacing Phil minoxidil and Kudiniao.

Makin Niosi replaced Robinho, Brazil's four major central defender played together. The first 81 minutes, the restricted area within barbed shot by Luis Baroja. The very first 85 minutes of Venezuela pulled one back to Buy FIFA Account, Arango 25 meters free kick was saved and bounced towards the column Jefferson, leaned close substitute Micoud headed hoisting break, Venezuela 1-2 behind! Brazil eventually won 2-1 to top the group qualify.