Shliterbon is fun

Have you ever been to shliterbon before?                                                                                         Fun rides at shliterbon                                                                                                                        at shliterbon they have the Boogibahn witch is a surfing machine in fact it is the most famous ride in the whole water park.and the lazy river so shliterbon is on a hill and so the lazy river starts up the hill and goes down the hill then you have a choice to eathor go left or right if you go left you will go back up the hill and if you go right you will go on the convairbelt then the convairbelt will lift you up in the air then you go back in the water then you git out. and last but not least the wave pool is sorta kinda like a mote looking thing. but with no castle .and you go around and around again also you can eathor ride in a tube or swim around it.                                                                                                                       with rinds or family at shliterbon                                                                                                         at shltireobn you can go on the lazy river,the wave pool,eat snacks for only $10 or less,race in the big pool or race down water slides and gust have fun.                                       meting knew finds at shliterbon                                                                                                           first you meat he or she and say hi say your name the ask he or she