"If you never shoot you'll never know."

Matty Healy

I believe

I believe in the ability for everyone to be happy,

the relationships you have with others,

the importance of following your dreams,

the importance of being true to yourself,

the impact music can have on your life,

strength, honesty, bravery,

But if you don't enjoy your life, that is failing.

I believe in accepting change,

I believe in taking chances,

I believe in never giving up,

adventure, courage, happiness,

And I believe in the ability to completely enjoy your life.

My credo

        My personal credo is “if you never shoot you'll never know”. This means that if you dont take a chance, you'll never know what could have happened. This can be applied when you have to make a choice or a big decision. If there is an opportunity to go somewhere or try something new and you decline it, you wont know what the outcome could been, whether it be positive or negative.

       In fact, my credo is from one of my favorite songs, “Robbers”. It is about people taking chances and enjoying their life, even though there could be consequences. When I listened to the words and watched the music video, it really meant a lot to me. In this particular song they were robbing a store, which I do not plan to do. The message can be applied to anything in life, because life is just all about making decisions.

      In the same way, this is important because I do not want to do the same thing all the time, and I want to be different. I never want to pass up an opportunity that could have had a great impact on my life. I feel like this is important so you can experience more and have memories you will never forget. I have seen people who dont want to travel, do anything new, or take any chances. This motivates me to be different and make sure that I live my life to the fullest.

      As I get older I will be faced with more choices that I have to make. Right now I dont have many chances to do huge things, or do anything extreme. When I get older my view might change because I might not have money, time to travel, or time that I can take off from work. Right now, I know that Im always wanting to go do things, but most of the time my parents say that I can’t. This can change how my future is because I will try to experience more things when I can decide for myself, and I might realize that I don't want to do some things that I used to.

      Therefore, I think anyone could use these words to shape their life, even if its just a small part. They dont have to do anything dangerous or a long trip or anything. It could be something as simple as trying a new food at a strange asian restaurant. It would be beneficial for other people to listen to these words because they could stop doing the same thing all the time, and being a business man from a commercial who has the same schedule every day.

by alana brooks

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