The U.S Legislative Branch

House of Representives

We Make Laws

The house of representive should only have 435 members in the house, In 1929 the house fixed its number at 435 where it has remained every since. Every 10 years the federal government conducts a census that makes changes in the number of seats some lose seats others gain seats.

House of Qualifications

      1. House of Representives Requires 25 years of age

      2. You will half to be a citizen of the USA for 7 years

      3. Resident of the state represents the district not in the constituion state law.

In the house of House there are currently...

  • Democrats 201
  • Republicans 234

Leadership of the House...

  Speaker- John Boehner (R)                              Minority Leader- Nancy Pelosi (D

  Majority Leader- Eric Cantor (R)                       Minority Whip- Steny Hoyer (D)

  Majority Whip- Kevin Mc Carthy (R)


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