style savvy trendsetters

Style Savvy Trendsetters is a fashion game that I play. The point of the game is to become the most famous Fashion Designer in the buisness. In order to do this you have to go to contests and work with your customers.

WHo are the main characters of the game?

The main characters of the game are You,Maia,Models,MC Mode,Avery,Micheala,Brad,Harris,Daphne,Phillip,Emmylou,India,Daisy,Ingrid,Reed,Teagen,Ren,Grace, and Renee,

My Best FRiend in my opinion

My best friend would have to be Kloe. Kloe is a model and a fashion store owner like you are. You have to finish the game completely to meet her. You also have to be Patient for her because she will take you to her store, let you buy a couple of things, Help her pick out clothes for her model at the Fashion Show, and let you go to her house. That is why I say she is my Best friend. I basically love Kloe like a sister. I go to her house everyday.

I hope you enjoyed the game talk