The 11th Amendment

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What My Amendment Is About

The 11th Amendment states that the Judicial power of the United States cannot be constructed to extend to any suit of law or equity, commenced againist one of the Citizens from another state of the United States, or by a Citizen of another Foreign State.

Why This Amendment Was Proposed

This Amendment was proposed because the Congress felt that the Supreme Court had stepped over its boundaries and would do it again unless prohibited by the Constitution.

When It Was Ratified

On February 7th, 1795, the 11th Amendment was ratified. On March 4th, 1794, Congress passed this Amendment.

Changes After It Was Passed

The 11th Amendment modified Article III, section 2 of the Constitution. The President didnt sign the amendment bill, but the Supreme Court still passed it.


Seminole Tribe of Florida v Florida (1996)

Alden v Maine (1999)

Some questions were, should the 11th Amendment be read as placing any limitation on the ability of citizens to bring suit against their own state? And should the 11th Amendment be read as a limitation only on the power of the judiciary, or is it a limitation on the power of other branches as well?

The orginial 11th Amendment

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