Life    In    Space

On The I.S.S

here is a picture of what u sleep in on the I.S.S. it looks pretty canarbuckle (ca-nar-buckle). You have to have this tube that is a bit more then your size so when you sleep you won't float away. You see all those wires? those wires are connected to an oxygen tank so you can sleep without worrying about suffocating.

In space the people on the I.S.S would have to exercise everyday, because there is no gravity in space and they need to keep their muscles in shape. In the I.S.S they have a whole gym room just to exercise with with about 3 treadmills, 2 bicycles, some weights etc. Also as you can see people who live in the I.S.S have to be strapped into what ever their exercising in so they won't float away.  

When you go to the bathroom in space, there would be a tube attached to your behind from the toilet, since there is no gravity in space. If there was no tube to suck your business into the toilet, all of your business would float in the station. That's only for urine though for your waste there is a special fan in the toilet to suck it up.

In space you can only eat some types of food, for example here are some types of foods you can’t eat foods that make you gain fat, foods that involve a lot of chewing (gum, meat etc) etc. The best thing you can probably eat in space are grapes, grapes are good for you, they are good enough to chew, and the are fun to play with in 0 gravity. You can also not eat/drink any liquids in space because it could get pretty messy in 0 gravity.

To wash your hands in space you need a package called “No Rinse Body Bath” and when you squirt out the water in it of course it would just float away so u but it on your hand and it would stay on your hand, that’d why its a special product to use while washing your hands in space, then you just rub your hands together to get it all wet and dry them and done.

There’s mostly men in space and they need to shave so here is how astronauts in space shave. In space they use a special shaving cream called Astro-Edge, you apply the cream on, use a regular razor and shave normally, but every time you stroke with the razor you have to wipe it with a paper towel, but with a mustache you just use a vacuum to shave.

In space you also need to brush you teeth after wards and how they do that is the use a standard toothbrush but since they have no water in space they would have to rinse their toothbrushes another way, and to do that they use the “No Rinse Body Bath” again which hey use to wash their hands and to take showers, to rinse their toothbrush they just squeeze the package and get a blob a water stick it on the brush,suck the water up with there mouths, put standard toothpaste and just start brushing,but after there done brushing their teeth there is place to spit the toothpaste so they just swallow it,and put some water in their mouth to help wash it down,and to help rinse the toothbrush so they don’t waste the water they have.

The I.S.S is a giant station in space that is about the size of a football field. The module of the I.S.S was launched in 1998 that's is over 17 years ago, the I.S.S also has about 5 rooms with maybe more with about 10 people living in it. Along with America, Russia, Europe, and Japan, Canada is a partner in the I.S.S, an orbiting research laboratory. It orbits around the globe about 16 time per day in space, at 28,000 km/h at an altitude of about 370 km.You are probably wondering how the I.S.S gets their energy? well they get their energy from a battery call a nickel-hydrogen, that are very power full, and that's what stores the energy from solar wings.Aside from the big laboratory in the I.S.S for astronauts to research space science there is also more parts to the I.S.S. The first Russian modules included basic systems needed for the space station to function. They also provided living areas for crew members. Modules called "nodes" connect parts of the station to each other. There are also robotic arms are mounted in the space station just in case of a problem that could happen, or to add more features to it.

You probably want to know what machines helped build the I.S.S well that's what this paragraph is about I’m going to tell you the names of the machines, and what they are.-Canad arm, a 17-meter long robotic arm that helped put the solar panels on the I.S.S, to give the I.S.S energy.-Dexter, the stations 2 armed robotic witch is like an upgrade of the Canad arm.-The Mobile Base, is a movable work platform and a storage facility.

The Hubble Telescope this week celebrates 25 years in Earth's orbit. In that time the telescope has studied distant galaxies, star nurseries, planets in our solar system and planets orbiting other stars, inventors now helped make the Hubble telescope make more amazing discoveries with less sophisticated equipment. In the 1920's,Edwin Hubble was working with the 100-inch-Hooker Telescope on Mount Wilson, just outside Los Angeles. At the time, it was the largest telescope in the world. The Hubble telescope is now a big telescope in space that can see amazing things that regular telescope could not see here is one of the many things the Hubble telescope has seen.

Launched in November 1995,RADARSAT is a satellite that observes amazing, cool, and interesting things that are going on in space, like meteor rites, shooting stars, asteroids and more. The Canadian agency hopes to upgrade the satellite and make it observe things in mars.

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