Dental X-rays

by: Grace Evans and McLean Moore


1. X-rays help dentists reduce pain and suffering by detecting cavities early, before they get to the stage of painful toothaches and are an economical way of keeping your dental costs low.

2. Dental x-rays deliver a small amount of radiation to our tissues compared to annual dose of radiation we are exposed to from all other natural sources.

3. The more complex and comprehensive treatments that dentists provide would be simply impossible without first taking x-rays of a patient’s teeth or jaws.

How EM waves are used in dental x-rays

Dental x-rays require light which is a type of EM wave. The light is very bright so it also gives off heat. This is lost energy because we do not need heat to use the dental x-rays. X-rays are a type of EM wave and this is a x-ray used to see teeth.

Here is a pic!

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