By Emilio Gonzalez F.


Do you know the ways how tigers hunt?  In these book you are going to the tigers choose a nice spot to live, what is delicious for the tiger and the ways how tigers hunt.  

Chapter 1:  

Do you know the ways how tigers hunt?  The tiger is a silent killer.  Is the powerful cat that explots into a ponce.   When the tiger hunts, it slams the board to the ground and puts the teeth in the neck and the pray dies.  Also the tigers are the biggest cats in the world and  a massive build gives power to the tiger and use her huge paws razor - sharp clows rip into the flesh of pray.  Also tigers usually hunt at nigth.  They can stalk prey and they hide behind the bushes.  I hope you learn how tigers hunt.

Chapter 2:

What is delicious for the tigers?  The tigers eats hare, zebras, rabits, bufalos when they kill the animal.  To catch the animals they camouflage and hide in the tall grass.  When the tigers see a herd, they catch the move little animal of the herd.  When they get the prey they take it to a safe spot.  This is all of the information for what is delicious diner for the tigers.

Capter 3:

The tigers choose a nice places to live.  If a tigers gets to the territory of other tiger they fiht for the territory, the one who wins get the territory.   Some tigers live in the montains, some tigers live in the jungle, some tigers live in the zoos.  We have to protect the habitats of the tigers so we have tigers for many years.


Know you now those the tigers are real silent killers because you know he choose a nice pot to live, the ways they hunt and what is delicious for the tigers.  

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