Sajianna Miller. :1

My name is Sajianna Miller. I have four brothers and five sisters. Two of them are half siblings and seven of them are step siblings. I live with my mom, her boyfriend, and his two kids. We moved to Erie a few months ago and have moved back and fourth about seven times. I didn't have the best childhood and I've been depressed ever since then. My closest friend, is my sister and I have bad trust issues. I love art and poetry, drawing is probably my most favorite thing to do. I use skateboarding to consume my spare time. Lastly, I love my squirrel and dog, Peanut and Katie, more than anything in the world.

Anime! ^u^

This is a picture of the characters of my favorite anime. It's called Blue Exorcist and although it was short, it was by far, the best anime I've ever seen. The main character's name is Rin Okumura. The story line is about two twin brothers who are half human and half Satan spawn. An exorcist who Rin calls ''Old Man'' has been basically their father since they were a few days old. Rin is the only one with satanic powers, well, that's what they make you think. In the end a whole bunch of stuff goes down. Basically in the anime there are two worlds, Assiah, which is the world humans live in and Gehenna, the world of demons where Satan rules. Usually there's no contact between the worlds, but they found a way and Satan threatens to take over the world with Rin. Then Rin saves the day, and yeah. It's a pretty good anime.

I like watermelon. c:

I eat watermelon while I watch anime with my dog. Last time I ate watermelon I actually got really sick because it was a half of a watermelon and I ate it in a few hours. So, for future information, I wouldn't suggest eating half a watermelon. Watermelon is just amazing, it's like a fruit, I think, and it's like biting a water balloon. The flavor just explodes in your mouth.

I love baking! Baking is by far the most perfect thing in the world. Me and my grandpa's girlfriend (kinda, semi-grandma thing) bake almost every time I go over there. In fact me and her made apple cupcakes that look almost exactly like this. We mixed all the ingredients together, occasionally ''taste testing'' the batter. Then we baked the cupcakes. After we pulled them out of the oven we put a small bit of red frosting on the cupcake and topped it with a chocolate doughnut. Then we took the red icing and covered the doughnut with red icing to make it look like an apple. To make the stems and leaves we used tootsie rolls and green air heads. Oh, and by the way, they were delicious.


I have three main goals in life and they are all very important, to me. I want to get through college and get a job so I can get ready to leave that place. College is very important if I want to achieve my goals. I already told you my first goal, and I'm going to tell you them in order of how I want to achieve them. So, it goes, college (for either being a vet, doctor, or something to do with magazine editing), my house&job, and lastly a family.

Place  o.o

I want to go to Fiji, no I don't want to go to Fiji, I need to go to Fiji. I love surfing so much, it's not even funny, and ever since I moved in with my mom, I haven't been able to. That makes me very sad, and I just need to surf again. I went surfing only one other time in my life and I completely fell in love with it. I went on our yearly trip to Virginia Beach with my mom, little sister, older brother, step dad, aunt, uncle, and my two cousins. I tried clams, oysters, Chesapeake Bay crab, and surfing. Clams and oysters aren't the best things int he world, but the crab was OK, and surfing just blew my mind. It feels like you're flying, walking on water, just doing everything that is physically humanly impossible.

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