Parties and Potions

By: Sarah Mlynowski

I would recommend this book to people in grades 5-8

This story is about a girl named rachel, rachel, her sister miri and her mom are all witches. But here's the thing there dad doesn't know that they are witches, so when ever they want to try to do something as a witch they have to find a way to tell their dad that they will be late or that they won't be able to come at all, for example when rachel and miri had a samsorta to go to, it was on the same weekend that they were supposed to go to thier dad's house so they told thier dad that they couldn't come because they were busy doing something else but they cant tell there dad the real reason because he doesn't know that rachel, miri and the mom are witches because they think that they wont be able to see there dad anymore because they are witches.

About the author

Sarah Mlynoski is the author of many book but she worte the book that i chose to read for my report about. She lives in new york city, she was born on january 14, 1977. She love to wirte all kinds of books from kids books, to books for teens, she also writes books for adults too but most of them are for kids and teens.

More about the book

There is one thing i didnt mention was rachel's boyfriend, his name is ralf they have been together for so long that they know eachother so well. But rachel hasn't told him that she was a witch yet, So when she finally does tell him that she is a witch they brake up and they won't even talk to eachother anymore. Until one day he went up to rachel and told him that he doesn't care that she is a witch he just really missed her a lot and couldn't stand being away from her so they got back together and lived happily ever after.  

My favourite part of the book

My favourite part of this book is when rachel and miri use the travel spell and when they use the spell they land in the bathroom. This happens every time they use this spell. For example one time they were going to a party and they used this spell to get there and so they used it and they landed in the bathroom. They didn't know why they landed in there but know they do. They finally found there way to the party.

The picture above shows the invation to go to the simsorta

Thanks for listening to my presentation! By: Maiah

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