Act V, Mercutio

Ohhh! I didn’t know it will end in tragedy. I thought Romeo and Juliet will be happy together. I actually hoped it. I miss the good parts then? Oh god! why you are so appropriate! Anyway I was sad that my curse didn’t work. Montagues’ and Capulets’ end their feud and happiness have come to Verona. God, god, Oh god why you hate me so much. I always hoped for something and you always denied my hope. Romeo killed softly using dying potion and Juliet died on top of Romeo using Romeo’s dagger! Romeo is not a man! Dying softly even though his wife has died roughly with the dagger! It was also Juliet’s fault that she drank the sleeping potion, but still! Romeo was just a child. As I know. Romeo’s childish play love(Immature love) have now finally ended killing many innocent people. Lady Montague, Paris, Me, Tybalt, and even his love Juliet. Why couldn’t he die himself. It is too boring staying in the heaven. It is also sad that Romeo and Juliet is dead so I cannot see the fun part but I also cannot see where Montagues and Capulets fight! That is the most fun part I was watching in the heaven. Good bye everybody I think it is time to go! Have a nice day in the land.

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2 years ago

O, Mercutio…. Today was one of the worst day in my entire life. As you know, so many people died in a single day. Maybe you can meet Romeo in heaven. I wish he can make good relationship with Juliet in heaven. Lastly, Mecutio, if you see Romeo and my aunt, tell them that I loved them…