Welcome to the Arabian peninsula(:

Arabian Camel (:

I am a traveler from the Year 600 CE and i am here to share my discoveries.  (:

Desert: The hot dry Desert environment can be very harsh. The camel was called the (:cruise ship of the desert, that's because they can travel for hundreds of miles and using these animals could save your life.   (:

Oases: Oases are areas where water was once underground and has now rises up. People (:used these areas like these to there advantages they  made farms by them because the fertile land. They also dug wells to get to the water better.  (:

The coastal Plain: The coastal plain goes from 5 to 40 miles inland. The coastal plain is (:great for farming so people took advantage and had many farms on the coastal plain.  (:

Mountains: Arabia's mountains  go from about 1,000 to 12,000 ft. Most winds bring in (:20 or more inches of rain a year. They would live in houses made of mud bricks. and (:they would farm on these mountains by using terraces . (:

Thanks you for reading my presentation about the Arabian Peninsula.