The Bayou

Biotic (living) Organisms in the ecosystem:


American Alligator                     Herons

Bass                                   Ibises

Catfish                                Ducks

Carp                                   Vultures   

Shrimp                                 Hawks

Crawfish                               Owls

Water Moccasin/Cotton Mouth            Sandpipers

Diamondback Water Snake                Egrets

Yellow-Bellied Water Snake             Woodpeckers

Black Bear                             Pelicans

Bobcat                                 turtles    





Bald Cypress

Water Tulpelo

Dwarf Palmetto

Spanish Moss

Swamp Milkweed

Square-Stemmed Monkey Flower


Abiotic (Non-Living) Items in the Ecosystem:







Carrying Capacity/Changes in Populations

Many of the creatures in the bayou that a lot of the animals eat the other species. Like the catfish eat the shrimp or the crawfish. There are many different food chains the bayou is one huge food web! many of the creatures on the lower level of the food web eat the plants while the others eat the prey.

If an animal such as a black bear was living in the bayou and then a flood happened then the bear would most likely not survive. Another example would be that if the prey this specific bear hunts is thriving then the bear will have plenty of food and other resources for it to survive. If the organism/organisms are very scarce then the bear won't have a very good chance of making it.

As you can see, there are many organisms in this ecosystem and if one is very scarce then most of the animals will survive but others might not. When that happens the food web will be completely destroyed..

Some limiting factors in this ecosystem are the following: amount of sunlight, food, water, nutrients, and sickness.

Limiting factors can be a huge part of food webs. For instance, if there was a huge drought. Many of animals would flee to find a better place to lived while others will try to adapt to the new environment. But the food web would change dramatically and many would die.

Limiting Factors:

As you can see, there is so much there is no way many of the animals will be able to survive.

Energy Roles

In my ecosystem there are a ton of secondary and tertiary consumers. There is a reasonable amount of producers in the ecosystem but its mainly the consumers. One of the producers in the food web is algee. If a catfish were to consume the algee then the catfish is the primary consumer. Then the catfish was eaten by a pelican the pelican would be a secondary consumer. lets say that the pelican decides to go for a swim to catch more catfish but it doesn't notice that alligator so the alligator eats the pelican. The alligator would be the tertiary consumer, the highest on the food chain.

This is a few of the organisms in the ecosystem that can create food chains.

Producers are quite vital to my ecosystem. Without them there would be no ecosystem. the trees and algee create the whole ecosystem. Thanks to the many carnivores and omnivores there are plenty of thriving producers so the ecosystem is pretty balanced.

Food Chains/Food Webs:

Food webs are more realistic than food chains because no animal just eat one plant or animal, that's just not healty. Food chains show that one organism eats only this specific thing. Food webs show everything that any animal could eat.

If you were to remove the tertiary consumers from the ecosystem then it would be extremely hard to mend the ecosystem, if you took out a secondary system then the ecosystem would be fine since everyone could still fill in the missing parts but without the tertiary consumers there would be no alpha.

Trophic Levels & Energy Pyramids:

Some of the organisms that would make up my ecosystem are as followed.

First Level (Producers):

Bald Cypress

Water Tulpelo

Dwarf Palmetto

Spanish Moss

Swamp Milkweed

Square-Stemmed Monkey Flower


Second level (1st level consumers):



Third level (2nd level consumers):





Fourth level (Tertiary Consumers):

American Alligator

Cotton Mouth


Why use a Pyramid rather than another shape?

The reason behind using a pyramid instead of another shape is because the pyramid shows the flow of energy better compared to anything else. The pyramid shows the many levels from bottom to top. the bottom level being the producers all the way to the top level of tertiary consumers. It also shows the population of each organism. For example, the producers are the largest amount because they get the most energy in the end. The second level is the primary consumers, they are a high population but not as high as the producers and they get only 10% of the energy. Then you have the Second level consumers ad again they are less population and less energy from the organism they eat. Finally you have the Tertiary consumers. They get less than a fourth of the energy from where it started! Also, they have the lowest population just as the pyramid shows.


Photosynthesis Formula:

For photosynthesis to occur you need the following things: Carbon Dioxide, Water, Radiant Energy, and a Plant. The objects that are created from the process of photosynthesis is Oxygen and Glucose.

Where Photosynthesis takes place:

Photosynthesis takes place inside the plant cells in small organelles called chloroplasts. Chloroplasts contain a green pigment called chlorophyll and it takes the sunlight which makes photosynthesis happen.


There are many tropisms in the bayou. For instance, there is a ton of geotropisms and phototropism.

As you can see some of the plants are trying to move upward to the sunlight that are at a different angle.

Role of decomposers:

Decomposers are somewhat important to my ecosystem but not entirely. Most of the animals clean up after themselves but when one of the bigger organisms die that when the ecosystem needs the decomposers because once the organism begins to rot the other consumers won't eat them so it is the decomposers job to get rid of the organism. Without decomposers then my ecosystem would dramatically change. the consumers would eat the same amount but there would be so many bones and dead organisms it would look like an undead graveyard! It wouldn't be a pretty site.

Decomposers in the Bayou:

There aren't very many but there and you can't really see them but still. they are birds, crabs, fungi and bacteria. Yes, the animals they get rid of are more than twice the size of them but they still somehow do it!

These birds are about to have a very filling feast!


It is very important to have adaptations in my ecosystem because there are so many things that could go wrong. You need them for swimming, climbing, escaping/running, hiding. Without those you'd be pretty much dead meat, but then again if you are at the bottom of the consumers then you already are.

Some effects of not having adaptations for this particular ecosystem. You could drown, starve, get sick, stuck in the mud, and or, tangled in vines.

As you can see, this alligator has plenty of adaptations in order for it to survive and thrive.

Natural Selection:

Natural selection is the process whereby organisms that are better adapted to their ecosystem survive longer while the ones that don't have useful adaptations end up dying.

An organism that has been naturally selected in an alligator, they have sharp teeth to catch and hold their prey, a light belly so if their prey is underneath them they can't see the gator. They also have a dark top to blend in with the top of the water.

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