The One and Only Ivan ---Student Projects

Students have just completed reading The One and Only Ivan a book told from the perspective of a gorilla growing up in the Big Top Mall and Video Arcade and his unlikely friendship with a few elephants, a mutt dog, and a few humans.  This story allows students to get inside the head of animals in captivity in a poignant way and helps them to better understand the amazing intricacies of our animal kingdom.  Once we were finished reading, it was time to show what we have learned in creative ways.  As you will see below, students have risen to the challenge and created some amazing projects.  Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment if you are so moved!

GG--An Adobe Slate Story

MK and IG Project

BC's Tellagami

EN and MM's Google Slideshow

AW and JR's Google Presentation

EB and VC's Google Presentation

SB's Project:  Character Profiles

TC and LS's Character Booklet

FM and SH's: How The Character Changes Throughout the Story

BB and GL's Story Characters

CN, HN, and ZN:  Comparing Characters

AL and IH  Character Traits

JL and CL  Why Mack is Guilty or Not Guilty

AS and BM:  Court Case Script

BP:  Character Traits

KD and AH

DK and NS:  PowToon Presentation