PowerPoint is an easy way to make presentations. PowerPoint is a software that you download on your computer and can use to make presentations. The software does cost money but can be used anywhere without internet connection. It is very easy to make a PowerPoint and fairly self explanatory. They can be very simple or very complex depending on what you want to do. Power Points are easy ways to get a presentation across and lay out your ideas.

Prezi uses zoom technology to make their presentations. Prezi is an online tool you can use to make presentations. It is free but to get more features you can pay money. It is also online but if you pay you can view prezis offline. Prezi is a fun way of making presentations and easy to use. They have more templates and have most things set up for you. Another feature is the ability to upload powerpoints to your prezi.

Slideshare is a great tool to find information. Slideshows can be uploaded to slideshare and you can search slideshare for almost any given topic. The results of your search will be slideshows that match your search and it is a great way to get information on your topics. It practically already has the presentation done for you and you just have to put it into your own words. Slideshare is free and easy to use.

Powtoon is a free, online presentation tool. Powtoon makes animations for your presentation and can be used to make presentations more exciting. Powtoon is free for the basic features but you can pay for more features. Powtoon is fairly easy to operate but it is easier to make videos out of powtoon, not informational presentations. Though you can make infermational presentations it isn't as easy as in some of the other presentation tool.

How do you make a good presentation?

Making a good presentation is something many people struggle with. Some people put t much on a slide, some don't put enough. Some people over power their slides with too many different fonts and pictures. There are a few things you should do to have a good presentation. You should keep it short and simple, don't have over powering amount of information per slide. Keep slides to a maximum of six lines per slide. Another way to make sure your presentation is good is to make sure you keep one common theme, all the backgrounds should be similar with a similar font. A third way to make a good presentation is to make sure that you do use pictures and make sure  your pictures aren't blurry or hard to see. Making presentations should be easy and they should always be intriguing with the viewer.


I have used both Power Point and Prezi before to create presentations. They are both very easy to use and make fun pretensions. Using PowerPoint and prezi is easy and they are both fun to make and to watch. Powtoon wasn't very easy and it was semi confusing, it also made more of movies not as miucyh as a presentation. I wasn't very impressed with powtoon and I do not see myself using it in the future. Slideshare was very easy to navigate and got very good information. I can honestly see myself using slideshare in the future to get information to do a paper or a project for school.

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