Michael Jensen Meetyourmessenger

Profile of Michael Jensen Meetyourmessenger Co-Founder

Michael Jensen Meetyourmessenger co-founder established this online social networking site within Europe with the aim of creating a virtual community where user could connect online both with friends and with other likeminded individuals for the purposes of forming both personal and professional relationships in a secure environment. Meetyourmessenger made it possible for users to get into contact with all kinds of people within their country, city or region, sharing information and pictures and communicating on all manner of subjects safely. At its peak the website had sixteen million users who were active on a daily basis. Unfortunately, Meetyourmessenger would eventually be outcompeted by the social media juggernaut of Facebook. However, this was not the only business interest of Michael Jensen, who made his first foray into the working world at the tender age of twelve with the publication of Craze, an entertainment magazine available in southern Denmark.

Prior to the establishment of Meetyourmessenger, Michael co-founded another website, this one called Shopman. Shopman previously operated within Denmark and acted as a price comparison site, sourcing high-end electronic products from German retailers for Danish customers at a fraction of the recommended retail price. Shopman enjoyed much success under the leadership of Jensen and was eventually sold to an undisclosed third party. Following this, Jensen pursued yet another online discount idea with Siimba. The Siimba Club works by inviting members to choose a product and complete a certain social media challenge in order to unlock huge discounts on a variety of high-end electrical goods. Members are asked to get one friend per day for a period of between two and thirty-two days, depending on the product chosen, to view a short video advertisement. Should members complete the challenge they are then invited to purchase their chosen product at a discounted rate which can be as much as 90%.

As a provider of capital for start-up businesses, Michael Jensen has also been behind several other highly successful online businesses. These include malagadatacenter.com, which is the largest data center in the region, as well as Jabstry, an online European payment service which is currently the fastest growing on the continent.

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