A Thankful Life

The crisp air and auburn leaves make me long to get outside with the people I love.  Thanksgiving is a time that I can't help but reflect on how much I love and am thankful for "my people".

There are more reasons then I could count on why I am thankful for Brooklyn, Aliyah and Jamie (Mr. Schattle).  The main reason I am thankful is they are mine.  What I mean by that,is that I call them my own and they call me theirs.  We are a family. We go through the great times and we go through the rough times together.  We laugh, cry, argue and act absolutely crazy together.  No matter where life takes us or what happens they will be mine. I would do anything for them and feel blessed to get to spend life with them.

Another reason I am thankful for my little family is they bring me the greatest joy.  We send most of our time together doubled over in side splitting laughter.  For people on the outside, we probably look like the goofiest and strangest group of people.  We may be a little bit crazy, but we are happy.  Today we spent an hour at the park.  We chased each other, played hide and seek, and laughed till tears ran down our cheeks.  Nothing could have brought me more joy in that moment.  At bed time we crawled in bed with our girls, tickled each other and blew raspberries or as we call them zurberts.  We laughed so hard our neighbors could hear us. It was a blast, and if I could I would freeze time in the moments that feel like my heart has wings.  

There are so many reasons  I have to be thankful, but one of the greatest reasons is my little family.  They are my greatest joy and knowing that they are mine is a precious gift.

The Schattle Family