Independent Project
By:Sydney Scholl Hour 2

This year I've studied different Time's of history in America. I mainly focused on children and sickness since I want to work in the Medical Field later on in my life. I started off wanting to learn history with orthodontics but then I changed my big idea. For about 6 months I've researched and studied how children and the other terminal diseases were treated like throughout history. I've learned that children who were sick didn't get any special treatment at all, there was child labor, kids fighting in the wars, and other horrific things, sick or not sick you would work morning until late at night.

Reflection of my year: I've grown this year by getting taught an entirely different way, I don't have to stress over tests or projects. Our independent project is our project but for the whole entire year which makes it not only easy but, it helps us grow maturely. You have to be the one to take the time and do your work otherwise your grade will drop it's a learning express which is what I've grown from. I made the mistake of doing orthodontics at the beginning of the year since it's such a specific topic it was really hard to find research on it. I would pick not such a specific topic your shortened on your research and options of research to choose from. I understand myself more now because I get distracted easy and I focus hard one day and then get side tracked the next day. I have to keep my mind on task otherwise I won't complete anything. All of the research I've done got me more in depth with American History, I studied a specific part of history (medical) and through timelines of studying. It's been worth my time because I want to be a nurse when I grow up and studying the history of how it was used during these times, gives me a greater understanding of what I want to do. It makes me question if I still want to be nurse after all of that research I've done behind the history of it. In the beginning of the school year I chose Orthodontics, I failed at first trying to find history about it. There wasn't much history about orthodontics during some of these times because people didn't worry about getting their teeth straight or getting them cleaned. This year what I did to help the world a better place was find out what's wrong with our world today, like drugs, bullying, or personal responsibility I'm going to help the world take better responsibility for itself. We only get one chance at life and the world has to be responsible for helping us stay in line.

My Big Idea: I'm interested in trying to find out how children and the other terminal diseases were treated throughout the History both from a medicine standpoint and social standpoint. I'd like to learn this so I can know people used to treat those kids, and how I won't treat those kids.

The Civil War

Industrial Revolution

The Great Depression

World War I

World War 2

The Cold War to Now

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