HELLO,my name is Chelsea Doan

This is me and my family,Sunny(dad),Thuy(mom),Jessy(older sister),and Carly(younger sister). We arrived in Texas in the middle of July in 2013.

My parents are from Vietnam and they've been together for 20 years and married for 15.

And this is me and my sisters:my oldest sister Jessy is 15 ,my youngest sister Carly is 10,and me Chelsea am 13. Although we don't like each other a lot, we love each other VERY much.

Here is a picture of when I was at an arcade at the beach in California playing "Big Bass Wheel"and won 1000 tickets, but no one cared that I had won 1000 tickets;instead  everyone cared about how much my older sister had won (75 tickets) .

On my free time I like to do my favorite hobby, which is doing hands on craft art,some of the art that you see in the picture is mostly from the internet or from books,but some are created by me.

I am honored to have been born from California,and live in Arlington now.

BONUS:  Here are 5 of my the things from my  bucket list in no particular order.

1.Go to Vietnam for 1 year                                                                                               

2.Learn 2 or 3 more languages                                                                                         

3.Travel around the world     

4.Give my parents a trip around the world,a big house,and a lot of good grades                   

5.Eat food from every country and state around the world