Dream On

Lauren Keel
Period 3

Anne is finally understanding that she needs to make each day count like it was her last. Which in this scenario, any day could have been her last. In their last moments in hiding, Anne and Peter are in the kitchen looking outside at the sky. Anne says to Peter, "Its funny...I used to take it all for granted...and now I've gone crazy about everything to do with nature. Haven't you?" (p.951). It seems like Anne had her whole life planned out. Like as soon as they were gone from hiding, she would start her knew life in a new place. I wonder why reality is just now just sinking in to her...right now...what did the outside world show her that made her think that everything was finally coming to an end? Anne hopes to be something magnificent when grows older. Something like a dancer or singer, someone who is free to express themselves for who they are and what they believe in. Believe? Peter does not believe something that Anne does. What does she want him to believe in? Maybe just to keep dreaming, dream on. She says to him,"Peter, if you'd only look at this part of a great pattern... that we're just a little minute in the life..." (p.953). She's saying to dream for what is now, not for what is to come because there may not be anything coming after this moment. Dream on; dream until your dream comes true. The image that I have chosen for this tack has moved me in a way that I thought would never happen, but did happen. The girl in the picture is looking in the sky, dreaming about what life has in store for her. Life is basically a contradiction to all humans, we live to die and we die to live. We live our lives to the fullest so that way when we die, will have more to live about. Dreaming plays the most important role in life, without dreaming, what is life? The girl in this picture may not have a tomorrow, but she'll have a forever of dreaming. Dream on.

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