Immigration: The Borders

When did immigration become and issue for Americans?

1. Race is such a prominent issue in the United States specifically, that it is inevitable for it to also impact immigration. When we look at our history, immigration wasn't always seen as a negative. It is interesting how racism is more prevalent now than ever and immigration similarly is conveyed as a negative issue.

2. Similarities from the 19th, 20th centuries and today are the desire for a better life for their families. Everyone always was and still is in search for the American Dream. The differences lie within how immigrants are viewed. Immigrants were viewed as an asset to a thriving economy, now they are being seen as detrimental.

3. The only message that is conveyed via politics or by the media are messages portraying immigration, race and racism as negative issues. We only see how immigration negatively impacts us. It really is a selfish way to look at things, because we never see the other side of the story.

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