Yamato Clan:

This clan lasted from 300 AD- 710 Ad. During this time, the first verifiable ruler was Suijin. He is the first emperor of Japan whose life can be verified. The clan was seen as "the first among equals", but then they pulled ahead as the predominant clan. When the written language had been introduced to Japan the Yamato Clan started writing down laws, criminal codes, and court events. This turned into the imperial court. During this time, Buddhism had been introduced from Korea.

Heian Period:

This period lasted from 794 to about 1185. The Women's clothing was made up of layers of silk and bright colors. During this time, the people experienced peace and political strength lasting almost 400 years. One of the main groups of this time were the Fujiwara family. They were like the royal family. Their culture had an imperial court, they created fine literary works, and eventually made a truly Japanese national culture.

Silk clothing women wore

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