How to lives normaly with AIDS

Being ''normal'' with HIV

Learning that you are HIV positive might sound like a terrible news. From this point, you know you will be socially excluded and your time is now counted. Everything in your life seems useless and pointless: you will die soon.

Cookie Johnson, an HIV-awareness advocate, said the most common question people ask when they learn that you are infected is: ’How did you get it’. This simple sentence is so painful; it contains a not justified judgment. They automatically assume you are having sex with anybody and you deserve this. Confronted to this situation, it may seem like an endless misfortune.

This invented situation was true ten years ago. Now, there are a lot of activities to live the rest of life happily. A simple example is dating site. PositiveSingles is one of them. Their motto is simple and powerful: Stay Positive (A reference to the moral state and HIV situation of their users). You simply need to create and account, put your preferences and find your soul sister!

Even today, certain organizations refuse to hire HIV positive employees. This stunning fact should not discourage infected people. Many organisations like ’’California HIV/AIDS Service Referrals’’ people infected b this terrible disease. They give four main types of services: testing if you are infected, prevention of the disease, care & treatment and finally, moral support.

To conclude, to live with the HIV should considered a major event in life, but not the end!

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