The 3 Child Heroes

Ariel                                                 Deomante                                     Matt

These 3 kid heroes all have gone through a hurricane, has had a life changing experience, and completed a selfless act.The question is how did they react to storm and what they did that makes them a hero. Starting off with the first two, Ariel Creamer and De'monte Love, the two of them both committed a selfless act of helping children. Ariel Creamer, 14 years old, helped raise donations for kids whose toys and games had been destroyed in the Hurricane Sandy. She was later asked to come to the White House and also got a medal. De'monte Love, 6 years old at the time now 14, took care of 6 toddlers after the storm and being separated from his mom. De'monte rose to the occasion and spoke for the toddlers by telling 6 names including his younger brother, two cousins, and several neighbors. De'monte was in the storm Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. He was then reunited with his mother in Texas along with the other children's parents. Matt Corrigan, 17 years old also in Hurricane Sandy, was at his house wen he was told to evacuate. His family quickly packed but it was too late. He was desperate for survival so him and his brother quickly built sand bags but the basement was already flooded and all of their belongings were on the second floor. His neighbor then asked for his family to come to his house because it had three stories and was built off of higher ground. Matt and his dad both knew other neighbors needed rescuing and Matt brought a grandma and her two dogs too safety. Different from the other two experience, Matt had fires on both sides of the neighborhood from wet electrical wires. Matt and De'monte both have 1 sibling and Ariel has two siblings. Sadly Matt and De'monte's houses were beyond repair, lucky for Ariel only her basement was flooded. These 3 kids are heroes based off of their actions and attitudes facing great triumph. What would you do?

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