Coastal Plains

By: Thomas, Tristin, and Austen

The Coastal Plains region is the largest region, covering 3/5 of Georgia, and is located in the southern part. This region is flat, grassy, and great for farming.

The Coastal Plains is the agricultural heartland of the state. Important crops in this region are peanuts, cotton, and the famous vidaila onions.

Some main physical features in this region are the barrier islands, savannah river, chattahooche river, fall line, and the okefenokee swamp. All of these physical features provide for the state of Georgia. The barrier islands protect the coast from bad weather, the savannah river provides transportation for goods, the chattahooche river provides hydroelectric power, the fall line provides kaolin, a mineral, and the okefenokee swamp provides tourism with over 1,000 species of plants and animals

The Coastal Plains economic activities include shipping, farming, and the seafood industry. The shipping industry occurs through the savannah river for international trade. The farming industry includes mainly peanuts, cotton, and vidalia onions. The seafood  industry is big in the Coastal Plains, many seafood can be found in this region.

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