Foreign Policy Vocabulary
By: Leah Mattas

the main Idea behind the book "the world is flat"

~the book mainly means that not only the bigger businesses can make a difference in the world, so the smaller businesses .

Diplomacy~ The skill managing international relations, typically by a country's representatives abroad.

Commander and Cheif~ The person or body exercising supreme operational command and control over a situation.

War powers act~ Procedures for both the President and Congress to follow, in situations where the introduction of U.S forces abroad could lead to the involvement of armed conflict.

Ambassadors~ an official envoy or a highest ranking diplomat

embassies~ The official residence of an ambassador

CIA~ The central intelligence agency

NSC~ Nerve conduction study

Senate/House foreign relations committees~ standing committee of the united states senate.

NATO~ The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Warsaw Pact Countries ~ a collective defense treaty among eight communist states.

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