Cherry Clafoutis

Made by Stephanie Medley

Using the recipe from Saveur,(Link: I made some very tasty cherry clafoutis.

How To

Je préchauffe(preheat) le four. Je graisse(grease) la casserole avec le beurre. Je mélange(mix) le lait, le sucre, le sel, la vanille, le jus des cerises, et les oeufs dans le mixeur(the mixer/blender). J’ajoute(add) la farine. Je verse(pour) la pâte lisse(the batter) dans la casserole. Je mets(put/place) les cerises sur la pâte lisse(the batter). Je cuire au four(bake) jusqu’à(until) doré(gold). Je mets le sucre poudred sur la cerise clafoutis.

Taste Summary

In French:

La cerises clafoutis est délicieux et magnifique! Je l'adore. Ma mère et mon père l'aime beaucoup.

In English:

The cherry clafoutis was very tasty and the entire family loved it. It definitely was worth the short wait of half-an-hour. While the eggs were also a tad overpowering, this is still one dessert that I will definitely be making a lot more of!

The Cultural Significance

Cherry clafoutis is a dessert dish from Limousin, in southern central France, and was first made a few centuries ago. The word clafoutis came from the word clafir, which is an old occitan word for fill. It is traditionally made with unpitted cherries, but today it is far more common for people to use cherries without their pits. The dish really picked up in popularity during the 19th century, and the French chefs would try to make special variations of the dish. Although technically, the dish is not a clafoutis if it is not made with cherries, then it is a flaugnarde.


    Une cuillère à soupe de (A Tablespoon of) le beurre

Une tasse et une un-quart tasse de (1 ¼ cup(s) of) le lait

    Une cuillère à soupe de (A Tablespoon of) la vanilla

Six les oeufs

    Trois-quart de tasse (¾ cups of) la farine

Trois tasse de (Three cups of) les cerises

    Six cuillère à soupe de (Six tablespoons of) le sucre

Deux cuillère à soupe de (Two tablespoons of) le jus de cerises

    Le sel

Le Sucre Poudred


    La casserole

Le four

    Le mixeur

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