narrative entry 1

view points view points view points. in the first few classes i hated view points absolutely hated them the thing is i like the idea of view points but the viewpoint "exercises" we've been doing are not my favorite "show anger" ok well whos anger? what kind of anger? when am i experiencing the anger? where am i? why am i angry? all of those things change the emotion and kinistetic response the view points can not be (at least in my mind) individualized they must be learned and studied together all at once or else they are fractured and useless . to use architecture is useless without shape and repetition if you cant interact with the architecture the same way or in a recognizable way you've failed there is no way your audience will understand what that object is. for example the original STAR TREK series they used salt and pepper shakers for the fazers and people accept it why? well because every time they see that item it shoots a beam now they know and they can accept the use of this salt and pepper weapon in the same way if you use architecture to climb a mountain without using your shape to climb then no one will say oh hes climbing a mountain.