Book report by: Maya
Alice-Miranda At School By: Jacqueline Harvey

This is the current Alice Miranda At School book cover, but I will give this cover a little twist on this Tackk. Hope you enjoy!!!

My #1 object

A school

This is Alice Miranda's school. Her school is called Winchester-Downsfordvale. I chose a school because she was at the school for an entire semester and did SO many new and already learned activities and she never knew what would come next! She was really excited to go to this school because it was a boarding school where her mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother went before her.

My #2 object


My second object is a sailboat. I chose a sailboat because Alice-Miranda was challenged by the headmistress to sail in a race. She won the race, because she knew how to ride and has had lessons a few times.  She raced against Athlea Golds-Worthy, the mean girl. This race was important because she would be kicked out of school if she did not win.

My #3 object


My next and third object is gymnastics.The reason I chose gymnastics is because Alice-Miranda's best friend named Jacinta was a very good gymnast but the head mistress did not let her go to the Championships. Jacinta was devastated so Alice Miranda helped her with her projects and school work. Once all her work was done, the head mistress allowed her to go to the championships.

Object  #4

Stuffed Bear

The very next object is a stuffed bear. I have several reasons for choosing a stuffed bear. First, Alice Miranda is 7 and 1 quarter so she enjoys having someone around. The next reason, is she tells her bear her feelings and all of her secrets. Finally, she is an only child and she likes how the bear substitutes as her little sibling. The best part is she has someone to squeeze!

Object #5

Set of rules

I thought a set of rules would be perfect because Alice Miranda had so many rules. Some of the rules included: keeping her school hair bow tied, keeping her shoe laces tied, and keeping her dorm room neat and tidy. She was extremely organized!

I Hope You Like It!!!


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