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Chapter 1-3 summary

In chapters one through three, we meet Winston, the average London bloke in the state of Oceanea in 1984.  We learn that he lives in a very oppressive society where the thought police are always watching and the government even has the kids turned against the adults.  When Winston goes to help his fellow neighbor with her plumbing, the kids scare him by threatening to turn him into the thought police.  He gets frightened of the kids and exits the house very fearful of the getting caught for having his diary, which he bought and could get him in serious trouble.  

Learning station 5

The most common types of false propaganda that we found online were Geico ads and mobile provider coverage maps. Different sites you can find them on are yahoo answers and ask.com. Geicos main slogan or jingle implies that they are 15% more efficient than everyone else and all the mobile provider companies are are constantly advertising that they have more coverage than anybody else. This can be harmful to other companies because many of these maps are false and show one provider having much more coverage than another when in reality the results can be much different. However, they can be effective because they can get the public to switch providers to the company showing more coverage. Basically they are using stats to lie.

Political structure

In 1984 the political structure is the Party.  We know that London is ruled by a dictatorship called the Party.  They encourage the people to be very callous and rough.  The whole system is based on an acrid hatred of the people they are at war with.  This government reminds me a lot of the Nazi Regime because they are controlling, dominate the lives of children, adults and even have a preferred race.  The people have an august admiration of Big Brother and it could be considered unhealthy.  The people have no compunction toward others and this is all due to the Party.  Nobody even attempts to quell the party.  The whole regime has an uncanny parralel to the Nazi Regime.  Hmmmmmmmm.

Chapter 7-8 discussion questions

Discussion Questions

1. Why does Winston think that hope lies in the proles?

2. What does Winston find when he walks through the city of proles?

3. Are the proles really animals?

The proles are made out to be animals and the lowest creatures. The city folk have absolutely zero respect for them and they treat them lower than animals.  However, these proles are just humans living in extreme poverty.  It even sounds like they have a better lifestyle than the rich and elite because they are free.  “three men were standing very close together, the middle one of them holding a folded-up newspaper which the other two were studying over his shoulders" (Orwell, George 114) describes the lifestyle that the proles have. They are free to enjoy themselves and read newspapers whereas the rich people have no emotions and are always ratting each other out. The proles seem to have more a community.  So who are the real animals?


In examining Julia and Winston's relationship, one can clearly see that they do not have a real shot at a relationship. “She had had her first love-affair when she was sixteen,"( Orwell 168).  Their relationship only signifies sexual desire and their hate of the party.  Their relationship will eventually get caught and they will be punished. I feel like she is just an opportunist and is taking advantage of Winston and is definately a spur of the moment kind of person. There is absolutely no way that this relationship could ever work.

Peace is War Slogan

Peace is war is a slogan for the ignorant. What the government in 1984 has done is completely wipe the knowledge of the population and essentially destroy the knowledge of the concept of war.  The people have no idea what this slogan means and mindlessly accept it, just like when a parent tells their children that Santa is real.  If they were to face real war, like the war against Eurasia, what would they do?  They have been brainwashed into thinking that war is a good thing so if they saw the reality of war, they would be completelt astounded.  Essentially, this slogan is brainwashing the citizens and trying to keeps the citizens docile.  

Part 2 ch. 4-8

Quote 1: "It's a little chunk of history they had forgotten to alter" (Orwell 185).

Quote 2: "Both of them knew-- in a way it was never out of their minds-- what was now happening coul not last long" (Orwell 192).

Quote 3:  “The end was contained in the beginning”( Orwell 202).

Quote 4:  " “You look normal and innocent. If you keep clear of people like me, you might stay alive for another fifty years” (Orwell 210).

Quote 5: “I think it is fitting that we should begin by drinking a health. To our Leader: To Emmanuel Goldstein.” (Orwell 216).  

Summary of Big Brother

As one can see in the novel 1984,  a repressive government like North Korea is scary and invades the privacy of their citizens lives.  Not unlike the Big Brother government of 1984, North Korea has hotlines so that people can snitch on their families for doing anything inappropriate to the North Korean government.  Kim Jong Un is know to the inner circles as their Dear Leader and their are many different factions of secret police to make sure that the people stay docile.  Also, parralel to the Big Brother government of 1984, the people are in economic distress. There is a long standing famine that nearly 2 million people have died from.  Most of North Koreas budget is dedicated toward their military budget, not towards food.  Moreover, North Korea had  kidnapped eleven Japanese citizens and now only four are left surviving.  The nation apologized for kidnapping these people and said that those who died died of natural causes or natural disasters.   President Bush in a speech even put North Korea in the same category as Iran and Iraq, who we eventually went to war with. North Korea is the prime example of an oppressive government.  

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